Empowerment in action: unleashing potential through Executive Coaching

Empowerment in action: unleashing potential through Executive Coaching
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It’s a new year and what better time to invest in your people as they plan new year goals and achievements?

Why invest in Executive Coaching?

In the ever-evolving landscape for organisations, the need for exceptional leadership has never been more crucial.

Employees’ expectations have changed. They want to be empowered, listened to and asked for their opinion and they want to work in a collaborative way.

Many organisations have not identified this shift in expectations, resulting in greater levels of disengaged employees. Only 21% of employees are engaged according to a 2022 Gallup report.

Retention continues to be a challenge as well, with the CIPD reporting that 6.5 million UK workers were planning to quit their jobs in search of a better role in the Good Work Index 2022.

Those organisations that do nothing to address these changing demands will lose their best employees, face higher employee costs and struggle to compete.

How can Executive Coaching help?

At its core, executive coaching is about cultivating excellence in leadership. It’s a personalised, results-oriented approach that fine-tunes the skills, perspectives and behaviours of senior leaders.

Executive coaching stands tall as a powerful tool to harness the potential of key leaders within organisations. It’s a strategic investment that yields substantial returns.  Executive coaching nurtures resilience, adaptability, and a growth mindset – qualities indispensable in today’s fast-paced environment.

For organisations, the advantages are clear. Enhanced leadership translates to increased team performance, better engagement, and ultimately improved bottom-line results. One senior leader said, “It has not only proved to be a useful exercise in terms of reflecting on my own path, but it has enabled us to really focus on the key aspects that will help drive the business forward“. It’s a domino effect, a well-coached executive inspires and empowers their team, creating a ripple effect of excellence throughout the organisation.

Executive coaching can help individuals in a variety of ways:

  • prepare for an imminent promotion
  • reflect and improve after not being successfully promoted
  • imposter syndrome
  • conflict resolution
  • time management
  • confidence
  • perfectionism, (the list is endless!)

Ultimately, coaching for employees at all levels contributes to a thriving culture – one that values growth, encourages innovation and fosters a sense of purpose. It’s an investment that pays dividends not just in productivity and performance but also in creating a workplace where people feel valued, inspired and fulfilled.

How does it work?

Before any coaching commences, a free ‘Discovery’ 20 minute discussion is held between coach and coachee, to ensure there is good rapport. If both parties are happy to work together, the coachee completes a questionnaire, highlighting useful background information and detailing areas they’d like to focus on during the sessions. Employers may request to have some input into the topics to be explored with the coachee. Most coaching ‘Assignments’ typically consist of six sessions – approximately every three to four weeks – although the frequency can be adapted to suit the individual.

Coaching is such a rewarding and transformative process, really allowing the individual to experiment, confide and grow. With so many benefits for both employees and employers, the new year could be a perfect time to consider what coaching could bring to your organisation!

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