Is Hybrid Working the New Normal?

Is Hybrid Working the New Normal?
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A study published by ACAS last year shows that over half of employers in Great Britain expect an increase in demand for flexible working from employees after the coronavirus pandemic.

Hybrid working is a type of flexible working where an employee splits their time between the workplace and working remotely. 

How Should Organisations Implement a Hybrid Working Approach?

There is no single way to implement hybrid working in the workplace, as no single organisation is identical to another. However, all organisations may wish to consider the following suggestions by CIPD when implementing a hybrid working strategy.

Our Recommendations for Employers

  • Agree an overall strategic position on hybrid working for the organisation. This should culminate in the development of a policy and supporting guidance to clarify the strategy.
  • Consider what approach to hybrid working is really required within your workplace and the specific organisational context. This might include several different forms of hybrid working even within one organisation, depending on role requirements.
  • Engage with people managers throughout the organisation. This helps employees become part of the conversation and provides an opportunity to ask questions and raise concerns.
  • Offer training and development to support successful hybrid working.
  • Develop a communication plan to share plans for future hybrid working with all employees, including information on how to request hybrid working.
  • Consider and adapt to issues arising from hybrid working such as technology, employee wellbeing, inclusion and facilities matters.
  • Support effective team building and cohesion within hybrid teams.

It is likely that employers will have to deal with an increasing number of flexible working requests from employees in the coming months. Having a clear policy, suitable training and support as well as clarity on the organisational approach will stand all companies and employers in good stead in 2022.

If you would like help with any matters or concerns relating to hybrid working please contact Helen Couchman in our team on 07799 901669.