Podcast – Narrow Quay HR On the Issues of Team Working In a Virtual Environment

We consider the challenges of establishing and maintaining teams whilst working in a virtual environment. Also providing practical steps to mitigate the impact on productivity.

In our podcast, we discuss:

  • issues when team bonding in a virtual environment
  • how to retain the effectiveness of teams
  • developing new teams and integrating a new team member
  • the role of managers
  • mitigating the impact of virtual environments

How Can We Help?

Our specialist HR consultants can help your organisation by:

  • providing support with your day to day HR issues
  • auditing your HR policies and procedure to identify problems and suggest improvements
  • training for your staff
  • practical support with consultations and other HR projects
  • carrying out investigations into grievances, disciplinaries and other matters

If you require specialist legal advice relating to managing teams in a virtual environment, please contact HR Consultant Caitlin Anniss on 07909 683938.