Barristers HR Support

Barristers HR Services and Support

Barristers in need of HR services and support can rest assured they'll be well looked after by Narrow Quay HR, from our team operating from our offices in Bristol, London and Birmingham. Barristers HR solutions are our focus. We provide access…
Budget 2017 Key Points for Employers

Autumn Budget 2017 : Key Points For Employers

The Autumn Budget 2017 has highlighted a number of key points that Employers need to consider for their organisations and people. Wages The Government has confirmed that it has accepted the recommendations of the Low Pay Commission (LPC)…
Unconscious Bias

Tackling Unconscious Bias

Unconscious Bias is a hot topic right now. The progress towards creating a more diverse workforce at all levels is an objective that most employers are focusing on today. Raising awareness and investing in staff development in this area through…
Barristers HR Support

Barristers HR Support

Barristers HR Support is a hot topic and in its latest move to align the chambers model with current employment practices, the Bar Council is making available, external HR support for barristers. We have been retained to help chambers and…
Bar Council Logo

Narrow Quay HR has been appointed by The Bar Council

Narrow Quay HR has been appointed by The Bar Council to provide HR expertise to its members, including all barristers and chambers in England and Wales. Founded in 1894, The Bar Council is the representative body of the Bar of England…

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