Artificial Intelligence [AI] is a very topical issue currently, with numerous reports and speculation around the benefits of increased use, but also around possible threats. AI refers to a suite of computer algorithms that can replicate human intelligence processes.

With the ability to automate tasks, streamline processes, generate insights and recommendations, AI is becoming an increasingly relevant and important consideration in HR, as in other areas of life. In the HR world, what might you need to think about when considering the use of AI?

In this article, we examine some key considerations in addressing AI across the HR landscape.

Determine if AI Is Suitable for Your Organisation

Conduct an analysis of your HR processes, identify areas that require improvement, and determine the potential return on investment in incorporating AI into your organisation. Consideration should be given to:

Discuss the Possible Approaches to Using AI within Your Organisation and within Your HR Team

The concept of AI can provoke strong reactions, both positive and negative, and people can understandably be concerned about the impact on them and on their roles. Consult your team and those who may get involved in the use of AI within your organisation. Explore ideas, talk through concerns, and work together on the best approach.

If you do consider that AI might be helpful in your organisation, adopt a clear, transparent and inclusive AI strategy and policy that actively involves employee participation and consultation. This is critical in ensuring trust and confidence amongst your employees.

Identify HR functions for AI Integration

AI can potentially complement a variety of HR functions such as talent acquisition, onboarding, performance management and HR analytics. Focus on areas that can add immediate value to your HR team, for example, automating repetitive tasks and enhancing data analysis. Be mindful of the limitations however, and be open about how you will seek to address those.

Train Your Team on AI Applications

Provide a combination of training sessions, online resources and practical learning opportunities if you do decide to use AI within your HR function. Ongoing support and continuous learning will further ensure that employees have a thorough understanding of AI and its impact on their roles.

Collaborate with Your IT Department

Ensure clear communication and collaboration with your IT department, plus obtain the assurance that there are sufficient IT resources to support the implementation, maintenance and improvement of AI within your organisation.

Consider the Legal and Regulatory Aspects

Consult with legal experts to ensure that your organisation complies with relevant data protection, privacy and anti-discrimination laws.

Keep the Use of AI Under Review

How is it working in practice? Are there benefits that you can identify? Are there risks or problem areas that need addressing? What is the reaction to using AI from those who work with it? Keep a dialogue open on these issues.

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